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23 October 2016

Tic Tac Toe at the Studio Challenges

Our Crazy Quest for Pokémon – a layout for the Studio Challenges


Start: Let’s start with this TIC TAC TOE board and see what we can create:

Oct 2016 Tic tac toe

Style: I chose the top row – wood, washi tape and flair.  The map paper gave me the idea of doing a layout of a few photos of my family on their Pokémon hunts this summer. Sometimes we went out primarily in search of Pokémon, and other times we just remembered to check for them while on other trips.  If I look, I can probably find a few more snapshots to fill a companion pocket page.

I wanted to the page to feel full and busy, so I used two collages of photos.  I decided to have fun with the title, changing its direction and slanting the Pokémon part as if you have to follow it along to find it all.  It is kind of playful that way.  I decided to add the strip of black along the edge so that the title can’t “fall off the page.”  I also used several circular elements that echo the poke ball shapes in the photos.

Stash: I believe most of this is from American Crafts, in one way or another – many of the bits and bobs are Studio Calico kit leftovers of years past.  I created this layout at my weekend crop, so I wasn’t really concerned about keeping track.

Why not pop over the The Studio Challenges and see how the other gals have tic-tac-toed their way to a finished layout.

18 October 2016

Memorandum–Wait, wait, I missed Monday

With just three days to catch up from our trip to France, I managed to prep and pack for the long weekend crop at The Paper Doll House.  You may have seen a few snaps over on Instagram of a layout or two.  It was my second time to go with sis-in-law Trenna, and I loved it again.


I purposely packed unused or underutilized items from my studio – like embossing folders and metal dies to use in my Big Shot (the one I won at Creating Keepsakes).  Also, I grabbed a Christmas Crop & Create kit from 2014 and several class kits from Creating Keepsakes (yes they do seem to be never-ending).  We filled up the back of her Prius with a little room to spare.


The bed and breakfast is a charming old place; the proprietor is very, very welcoming and accommodating. With only half as many scrappers there as she could hold, the place felt airy and more relaxed than my first visit.

Trenna and I settled in at a nice large wooden library table in the back corner of the room and got to work.  I finished 18 layouts, 1 pocket page and 4 Christmas cards from a kit over the 3 days we were there.  I could have gotten even more done if I had taken more types of photos, instead I was forced to keep working on my backlog Christmas photos of years past.  That’s not really a bad thing.


We were on our own for lunch one day, and walked the main street in downtown Sycamore, just blocks away from the B and B.  Sycamore, IL is adjacent to DeKalb, IL which is a college town, home to Northern Illinois University.  I wonder if that might be part of the reason that Sycamore’s “downtown” shopping in historic old buildings and variety of restaurants is really quite good.


We perused a couple shops – at least one of which qualified as NEW this weekend.  I managed to pick up two Christmas presents too. We also visited the dollar store as in years past that has more than its fair share of scrapbooking items.  We made a separate run to Michael’s and Hobby Lobby when sis-in-law ran out of adhesive – and I may have picked up an item of two there (and there) as well.  I managed to at least partially use almost everything I purchased, and killed a whole sticker sheet on one layout.


Mary Kim always serves brunch late on Sunday morning, with her signature eggs benedict; this time paired with red velvet waffles – also a first.  They are yummy with syrup and whipped cream, but afterwards she brought us out the extras as a snack.  Quite high on the yummy scale, even plain.  I will be looking up recipes for those.

Sunday afternoon we headed back to Trenna’s and went to see The Magnificient Seven, a remake of a good old fashioned western shoot-em-up.  It was pretty good.  I drove home on Monday a.m. and quite accidentally realized that I could do a rest-stop here – so I did.


Even though I am sick of scrapping Christmas photos – I bought some of this paper line to help renew my enthusiasm.


I arrived home around 2 and by 4 was ready for a nap before dinner.  It turned out to be a nap before breakfast, as I slept straight through to 4 a.m.  So theoretically I should be ready to tackle my day – which includes a dentist appointment, laundry and unpacking from the crop.

I hope your Monday was fun too.  Did you send a memo to Sian and friends with all the details?

Playing Dress Up @ the Counterfeit Kit Challenge

The third challenge this month at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog is to “play dress up.”  That is to say:   “You can disguise [your project] with distressing, paint or ink. Go incognito with hidden journaling, a mask or stencils. Add a little dazzle with stitching, bling or sequins. Just make sure you include that extra special something to take your project from plain to fancy!”

Here’s my card for the challenge.  I have dressed it up with a ribbon sash, a touch of gold glitter in a circle under the button and gold Smooch ink accents on the butterfly.  You will also notice that the die-cut stamped sentiment is layered.  When you have a die to match your stamp set, you might as well make doubles and stack them from more volume – like adding a petticoat.  Then you can tuck other elements in between as well.


Buttons are almost always I how “dress” my cards.  This second card has a base patterned paper of lace doilies, lots of layers and buttons sewn on for emphasis.  How is that for dressing it up?


16 October 2016

Sketches in Thyme–Project Life Style #47

Start: sitpl47

Here’s another one of the sketches I designed.

Style: 20160921_080213(0)

I decided to use my mock-up card and just pop a photo on top, tucking it under the horizontal scrap and added a little stamping and journaling.  The angles of the paper work really well with the angles and curves of the building.  I added arrows from a roller stamp that tie it into the next photo - where an arrow points to the tower.  The next page in the album is of us in the tower. How is that for moving the story along?

Stuff: 20160921_080019

Here is the page in that trip mini album I am scrapping.  I had seen this picture on the museum’s website and its brochure.  It was so much more striking than those we snapped on the gloomy rainy day, that I decided to include it along with a graphic map I also found online.  Don’t forget that the internet can be a great source of photos and memorabilia for filling in gaps in your albums.

13 October 2016

Catching Up–Necessary or No?

So we’ve been back a few days and the laundry is the only thing “caught up”.  Serious jet lag has been going on here.  I had practically none when in Europe – maybe because I am an early riser or maybe the excitement of so many things to do cured it.  But I paid for it on my return.

The blog reading was coming along – you all have been quite busy.

[Post edited to delete 3 boring paragraphs where I drone on about how it was a messy affair trying to get caught up online.  Long story short - I zeroed out my unread blog posts, and felt a confession necessary possibly because of all the European cathedrals I have visited lately.]

I had done a little perusing of Instagram during my vacation, so if you are on Instagram and I haven’t noticed, let me know in the comments.  I don't know if a little heart on IG is as worth while on either the giving or receiving side as a blog comment, but it is better than nothing.  Or is it? (Too tired to ponder that . . . moving on.)

Sleep is more than caught up if measured in hours invested but still is not sufficient if measured in energy renewed.  But I did manage to fight off a scratchy throat that started the minute I got home, which I suspect is due to the dust thrown into the air by harvesting around here. Luckily I can credit Claritin for the assist, just in time for me to pack up and leave the cornfields of Indiana for a weekend scrapbook crop in Chicagoland.

[Second long diatribe deleted - realizing I am irritated at myself, and not wanting you to be the same.]

So let me leave you with a travel snapshot to make up for whatever blogging sins I have committed.  This snapshot was taken with hubby, who suffered more jet lag in Europe than me, and has not been immune from it here at home (although he exhibits much less irritability!). 

Here we are on the windy beaches of the Normandy D-Day invasion.  A brisk shower had just ended (see the drops on his glasses) and we snapped a selfie with the rainbow in the background.  Hubby got a fabulous shot of that same rainbow through a firing opening in a bunker.  I will share that and others when I get caught up with editing pictures – nearly 2000 of them – most of them still on the SD card in his camera.

I promise there will be no shortcuts in that process, although there quite possibly will be naps. What are you catching up on these days?